Friday, May 1, 2015

Autism Acceptance Challenge 20: Executive Functioning

I often get stuck in a loop. Having a good organized list can help, but not always. Sometimes my inbox has 431 unread messages. I struggle with how to return a phone call, never sure how much access I'm going to have to speech. I start a project with enthusiasm and get derailed when the next big thing comes along, demanding 100% attention. Deadlines are my best friend and archenemy. I sometimes need help with staying on task and I resent that I need help and I resent the people who help me. It's all part of the package.

Challenge 20 is for me. You can share it if you want to. It's not an easy one. I need to find better ways of balancing acceptance of my autistic style of tasking with actually delivering work while it is still useful. Taking on fewer tasks is not always an option. I'll be checking in here (eventually) to let you know what happens.

I did pretty well with this, coming through with 90% of the promised challenges by the deadline. I'm counting this as a win.

Speaking of winning, the winner of the Squawkers McCaw Autism Acceptance Challenge is Jennifer Vail, who completed 15 of the 18 actual challenges (#19 was not a challenge, and #20 is a day late.) 30 people participated in the official challenge, and many others took part without ever posting a comment. I noticed those people who signed petitions and liked pages without entering the competition. I appreciated these responses every bit as much as those who made themselves known here.


Jennifer Vail, please send me your mailing address. Your parrot will be released on Monday.
Squawkers McCaw telling his friend that he
is soon to be released to a new home. 


  1. Congrats Jennifer! Thank you Bev for an exciting and informative Autism Acceptance month. I learned a whole lot and ejoyed each challenge.

  2. The lack of social skills of famous autistic people doesn't mean that all with Asperger's appear rude, but rather they have trouble understanding social cues. For example, it's not uncommon for them to share a deep passion for something, whether it be farms or molecules.


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