Sunday, April 5, 2015

Autism Acceptance Challenge 4: True Allies

Autism Acceptance Challenge 4 is a companion to challenge 3. This time, suggest links to posts by people you consider true allies to autistic people. These are the non-autistic people who are carrying the message of acceptance to their peers, amplifying autistic voices or speaking out to support us while never claiming to speak for us.

You may also nominate a true ally by quoting a Facebook status or tweet, with the author's permission.

Twist: You will receive one point for posting your nomination. The author of the nominated blog will also receive a point.

Here are a couple of recent posts to get you started. I'll add more as they are nominated and vetted. Posts containing content that is damaging or derogatory to autistics or any other marginalized group will not be accepted.

In defiance of gentle opposition at Respectfully Connected

"It is awareness that causes people to sigh in sympathy with parents who abuse and murder their Autistic children rather than condemning them for violently ending the innocent life it was their responsibility to protect."

The reason I blog at Autism Wars

"His cause is the ongoing battle for his civil rights, because he and his peers are marginalized from the moment of their diagnoses and that ableism continues throughout their lives. This is society's fault NOT the fault of their neurologies."


  1. I chose this article from the Thinking Person's Guide to Autism(s) Facebook page because it covers a woman with Asperger's Syndrome leading a study on women and Autism a subject that I believe isn't getting enough attention that it deserves

  2. I nominate Herb Lovett. Herb recognized the 'bully' in our supports that were/are typical, matter of fact, common place and increasingly labeled evidence-based. "When people with disabilities protest their lives, particularly with "aggressive behavior," the professional response it to put them on behavior programs. It rarely occurs to those of us who do, or have done, this that we are in fact working in a larger social pattern of keeping dissident voices silent, of keeping the powerless powerless."

  3. I nominate my husband Billy Holiday. I am not aware of many non-autistic allies who blog (especially non-parenting blogs) but I do consider my husband an ally. He does not blog, but he shares links and articles on FB and I feel happy about that. So here's his FB quote for autism acceptance month.
    "You don't have to be Spike Lee to do the right thing next month. Lay off those "light it up blue" gimmicks and check out the link below to see what you can REALLY do to help, instead of lining pockets and pushing forward an agenda of hate. "
    -Jennifer V.

  4. Another great example from Diary of a Mom:
    The experts

  5. Some of my favorite allies are Leah Kelley of 30 Days of Autism, Beth Ryan of Love Explains, and Ariane Zurcher of Emma's Hope Book.

    1. Great choices, thank you for including them here, DanYellow.

  6. I nominate sweet, anonymous E. standing up for her son by demanding that "not insisting on eye contact" be included in his IEP, against the advice of school "experts". One more little victory - the kind of little victories that add up. She is quoted in this post on Invisible Strings today :


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