Monday, April 27, 2015

Autism Acceptance Challenge 18: Take Back April with Stimtastic

Being autistic in April is not usually a happy experience. Every year, we are surrounded by reminders that we are not welcome on the planet. The lit up blue buildings and puzzled lapel pins and endless parading of “tragic” statistics and “devastating” costs contribute to an already toxic and willful misunderstanding of what autism is, denying our very right to exist.  There have been Aprils when leaving the house was nearly impossible. What could I say that would not be met with scorn or derision? I have felt truly alone in the world.

This year has been better (for me, anyway.) Autistic people have made it better. From #WalkInRed to ASAN’s #AcceptanceIs campaign to the A-Z postings of Unstrange Mind and the Autism Acceptance Month events hosted by Autism Women’s Network, Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library and many others,  autistic people have worked together and separately to take back April.  
Squawkers peeks through a chewable
"donut" necklace from Stimtastic.

Today I want to highlight a month long promotion that has been going on at Stimtastic. Stimtastic is an autistic owned company that makes fidget toys, chewable necklaces, spinnable rings and other cool stuff. Throughout the month, Stimtastic has been giving away items via social media outlets including Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Today’s challenge is to “like” Stimtastic on Facebook and comment on the post there offering a free item to a randomly chosen commenter. That’s it! Let me know that you did this, what item you requested and why. It can be something you want yourself or a gift for an autistic person in your life. 


  1. I liked Stimtastic's page and requested the Thinking Putty in lava because it's seems like it might be relaxing to play with. -Jennifer V

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I'm hoping for the bike chain bracelet. I love the feeling of something heavy on my wrists, and it looks nice and fidgety too.

  2. Liked their page. I chose the Snake Twist Necklace because my wife expressed interest in it and I think it actually looks pretty neat.



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