Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Autism Acceptance Challenge 15: What's Your Squawkers McCaw?

Why do you have that bird? Lots of reasons! See below.

What's your Squawkers McCaw? What is uniquely yours that helps you get through the day? Is your chosen support seen as acceptable? Age appropriate? Weird? Controversial? Do you even know that you have it?



  1. I frequently go places that are hard to cope with wearing ear cuffs that make my ears pointed. Sometimes it's just easier to deal with life if I approach it as an escapee from a fantasy universe.

    This is weird as hell but Science Faerie doesn't care.

    1. Very cool. Squawkers McCaw loves Science Faerie. Squawk.

  2. My fabulous orange antennas are my Squawkers McCaw!

    They're much too long, and stick out from my ears, like orange construction worker antennas.

    They were my first really effective earplugs - blocking out mainly high frequencies, which to me are the most distressing.

    I bought them at an airport, because I'd forgotten my noise-canceling earphones at home.

    Since then, I've bought more discreet earplugs, some of which work almost as well.

    But I missed the Squawkers McCaw effect, which I like a lot. The orange antennas tell people I have something different about me, and that it's related to my hearing...

    Most of the time, I don't care if they know I'm autistic or not. I may tell them. Or just ask them to speak more slowly, or excuse me while a walk away for a break, or raise my hand to ask them to wait. And somehow the orange antennas make that less complicated. Like a construction sign on a busy road, it's saying "Mind your driving!"

    It makes me not invisible in that way, and it's nice. Disability is sticking out, bright orange, and when people stare I smile back. Sometimes if I'm in a good mood, I'll say "Hey! Do you like my antennas?" and giggle. Is that age appropriate? I don't know, but it sure is fun! And it's a good way to sort out friends and allies from the rest.

    I think that from now on I'll choose my Squawkers McCaw orange earplugs every time I go out in public. Squawk!

    Many thanks for sharing this fabulous presentation :)

    1. This is awesome. I must see the orange antenna McCaw! Pics please! Thank you for taking the time to watch this. I'm happy to see some new entries in the challenges. Squawk!

    2. Here you go : spreading your beautiful idea with much giggling!

    3. Awesome! Much appreciated, thank you!

  3. That was wonderful, I'm glad you shared, glad I watched. What helps me get through the day? I don't like to admit it, but for years it has been eating. Eating helps me deal with stress, but overeating adds multiple problems.....

  4. I think my iPhone might be my Squawkers McCaw. I use my headphones with music app when I am out and get overwhelmed by sounds. It's much easier to get through a grocery trip if I put them on before I set foot in the store. I prefer texting over speaking most of the time and have a text to speech app for the times I need it. I think it's mostly acceptable since everyone is preoccupied with their phones, too. -Jennifer v


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