Thursday, March 26, 2015

Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month and Win Your Own "Squawkers McCaw"

Readers of this now mostly silent blog will know that Squawkers McCaw is an ambassador of Autism Acceptance. Since 2007, the animatronic parrot has accompanied me to work, speaking engagements, meals “in the community” and pretty much anywhere else I go. Sometimes we talk about autism, but I like even better the times we just are what we are. Squawkers is all about making the world a more friendly place for the neurodivergent. 

Of course there is only one Squawkers McCaw. But now you have the opportunity to adopt a parrot like Squawkers who is looking for a home. If you are the winner of the Square 8/Squawkers McCaw Autism Acceptance Challenge, the bird you receive will look just like Squawkers (only much, much more gently loved) and will come with his own perch and remote control. This bird talks, squawks, sings and dances, and can learn to converse with you or tell anyone who will listen that autism is not a tragedy.

This is how it will work: During the month of April, no fewer than 20 posts will appear at Square 8. Each post will contain a challenge, something you can do to promote acceptance of autism and autistic people.  Some will be very easy, like watching and sharing a video or commenting on another site where Autism Acceptance is being promoted. Other challenges will be more difficult.

To participate, leave a comment whenever you have accepted a challenge. Let other readers know how it went or what you did to fulfill the mission. You will score one point for each challenge you complete. To be counted, you must leave a meaningful comment (not “I did this thing and I hope I win” but something to demonstrate that you thought about the challenge or helped someone see autism differently.)

The winner will be the person who completes the most challenges. In case of a tie, a tie breaking question will be posted, with the parrot going to the best response. Yes, that’s subjective. The first challenge will be posted early because it requires a little preparation. Look for the first challenge here in the next couple of days. 
Squawkers in his younger years with fruit and flowers
Links to each part of the challenge:

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