Monday, May 10, 2010

Social Skills Video


  1. That ain't how I would pronounce it.

    Always reckoned it rhymed with stork.

  2. Yay! I love this. It's been a great comfort as I slowly come out of the "high-functioning" closet to know that at least some of the people I interact with accept and even enjoy my verbal or just vocal stims and rituals to the point where they will respond to my trills. My trills are like your squawks. I don't use them too often because too many people think they are weird. But when I trust people with them and they are happy to share them, it feels very good.

  3. Yahooo!
    a new Video!
    (I love Squawkers McCaw!)

  4. Amy,

    Thanks. I also trill. I chirp, cheep, warble, coo, crow and make all manner of bird sound, but I have trilled much longer than I've squawked.

    The author,

    When Squawkers says it it mostly sounds like Aukkk!


    Thank you!

    Ole Ferme l'Oeil,

    Squawkers McCaw loves you too!

  5. Good video. My 7 yo aspie son also squawks and trills along with some other sounds.

    Do you mind if I share your video with others? I'd love to do a post about my son's verbalisations on my blog and think that this could be a good video to link in with it.

  6. Sanibituranima! Nice to see you again, and SQUAWWWWKKKK!!!

    Sue Denyhm, Sure, just use the YouTube embed code to show the video at your own blog.

  7. Bagaaaaaa!

    (Oooh, word verification: enandu.)

  8. Baga! Baga baga baga! Bagaaaaaa!

  9. And a hearty SQUAWK back to you!

  10. 448s, 448s, we are all a bundle of 448s, talking about what revolves around 448, perhaps along with 462, 693, and other different ways to be.

    Usually I do not talk in numbers until I get to know someone for a couple weeks. If people are reasonable enough, they will understand after I explain them.

    My numbers have to do with my synesthesia, and most of them tend to have very abstract meanings. Some others are meant to be interpreted by the context. Some stand for specific things. 448-autism, 462-dyslexia, 693-AHDH.

  11. I loved this, well done! (This is one of my new favorite blogs)

  12. My echolalia made me wanna sqwawk along too. =P

    The way that some people say good morning it sounds and seems as though they were muttering "mourning" and their face sometimes matches the word too. ..."mourning".

    Squawk is much preferable! xD

    Interesting trivia. In the countryside of Panama, people often greet each other by yodeling at each other. lol

    I like that too!! Some people are better than others. It takes some skill!!



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