Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Late Interventions: Contributions from Readers

I appreciate all of the contributions that are coming in. I will post more here as I get them done. Please understand that I will not be posting captions which conflict with the intention of this campaign (respect and full inclusion for all autistic people). If I have a question about your photo or caption, you will receive a personal response from me before the poster is completed. Please refer to this post for more examples of the types of "intervention" I'm looking for.

Edit: One person has requested to link her poster to her website. This option is now available to anyone whose photo appears here as part of this campaign. Just let me know when you send in your picture.


  1. I love these. I love the mindfulness one. Its not easy though, especially if you have a long history of being totally mindless. Difficult but doable and a lot more fun than some of the completely idiotic "early-must-create-compliant-school going-franken-human" interventions.

  2. Heh. Auties <3 glasses shaped like those. Got a couple pairs myself. :)

  3. The intervention I would like, in Canada where it is not available to most autistics in most situations, is "human rights."

    "Benefit and protection of basic standards of science and ethics, including professional ethics" would be good too.

    But I think both should be lifelong-type interventions--for everyone.

  4. Thank you, Michelle. Those would be some truly valuable interventions. I would like to include them; is there a photo I can use to represent you?

  5. Sorry, didn't think of the photo. There's one here.

  6. These are all great, Bev! :)

    By the way, was asking about the website link tacky? If so, you can remove.
    Never can tell with these things -- sometimes I ask, people take offense, other times I ask, people are enthused to. So I don't take it personally either way anymore.

  7. Very cool project, these came out great.

  8. Beautifully done! Too many people like to use the prevalence statistics to spread more fear. "Your taxes are going to rise! We need to run for early intervention! WE need to find the cure!"

    I would not be surprised if up to 2% of the world population is autistic, and always has been. I'm iffy whether it is that much more common in males than females, or if like some said, females express it differently. there definitely is some sexual dimorphism in auties. Seems like more girls are interested in the advocacy than boys, as I find a roughly equal ratio online.


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