Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Late Intervention Campaign

Autistic adult readers of Asperger Square 8 are invited to join this campaign. Send me your photo and the name of an "intervention" that has helped or might help you, and I will add it to mine. Please send only your own photo, or one you have been given permission to use for this purpose. And yes, it is okay if you are 15 or 16 and think of yourself as an adult. You get to define yourself here.
Many thanks to darling.clandestine for the photos I've used here.


  1. Hey, you in the poster:

    Nice shirt.

  2. Ha! These are brilliant :)
    Let me see if I can send you something...

  3. Let's print up brochures. We can put them in OT and speech therapy offices, local colleges, and send them to all our government representatives. Maybe somebody would get the hint.

  4. Hey, I know the person in these pictures!


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