Sunday, July 12, 2009

Special guest visitor: T-Rex

Ryan North is the dude who makes Dinosaur Comics. He is very cool about allowing others to use his images. Thanks, Ryan North! Anyone who is not already a fan of Dinosaur Comics should probably check it out at this link!

Edit: Sarah has a new post on the topic of privilege here. Among the many good links in her article is an explanation of the mouseover text in this comic!


  1. i've seen this technique used recently.

    it should generally be assumed that those that would do good by us need eating by a T-Rex.

    or just ignoring.

    ignoring's worse for them. they need the attention and adulation of masses...

  2. Brilliant! I'm not a 'fan' of dinosaur comics per se, but I know about them, and this is the best one I've read!

  3. "Just a shack" :) But was it insured? That is the question.

    Nice comic strip.

  4. My name is sanabituraima and I'm here to say/That's the awesomest thing that I've seen today. (Reference to comic 1505, for anyone who doesn't know.)

  5. Ha ha! Neat!

    I'm not a regular reader, but I do like Dinosaur Comics, and now I like them even more.


  6. FAVEFAVEFAVEFAVEFAVE! And you even got the mouseover text! Sana, you are the rappingest commenter in the USA.

  7. Um, not in the USA, but thanks. (Can I be the rappingest commenter in the UK?)

  8. SadderbutwisergirlJuly 13, 2009 at 5:41 PM

    This was funny and made my day. The only thing bad about it is that a lot of people in the neuromajority (non-autistic) use the approach of the T-rex quite often, like volunteering to speak for those in the "poor and helpless" minority rather than support those speaking for themselves. This approach shows that those who hold that viewpoint think of the minority as inferior to themselves and are therefore little better than their oppressors. If only scenarios like that happened less often.

  9. That's great, but T-Rex seems to have forgotten important parts of his autism advocate training, e.g. that if you can communicate your displeasure at your house being stomped into the ground, you're not really autistic! :p

  10. Excellent point, Xeno! Would a truly autistic person even understand the concept of "house" or "home?" On the other hand, the lack of facial expression (or even a simple exclamation point!) clearly shows that Dromiceiomimus has no particular feelings about the destruction of her house. She's just stating a fact here, so probably she really is autistic. Oh well, I'm pretty sure the nearest institution has room for her!

  11. Your comic is full of awesome!

    "your house was just a shack anyway" THERE!



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