Monday, June 15, 2009

Beyond Awareness

For the third time, Autism Hub bloggers Steve D. (One Dad's Opinion), Do'C (Autism Street) and I have been invited to present at The University of San Diego's Autism Institute. The summer Institute will be held June 24-26 this year on USD's campus, and the title of our program is "Beyond Awareness." I very much appreciate USD's commitment to include the perspectives of autistic people and others who advocate for acceptance, inclusion and individualized supports. If you are in or near San Diego next week, please join us at the Institute!


  1. I'm going to miss you guys and miss being there this year.

    Luck to all!!


  2. Please tell me Squawkers is going too!

  3. Estee,
    We will miss you, too. I wish you could make it...

    Although he wasn't able to go last year, Squawkers plans to attend this time! Thanks for asking about him.

  4. Have only just happened upon your blog though the IAA blog and just want to say how much I have enjoyed reading through some of your past posts!

    Absolutely brillant - and I ate an ice-cream whilst doing so, which didn't have any effect other than depress me after I'd finished as I'd consumed way too many calories and our ice-cream mad dog barked with annoyance the whole time!!

  5. Last I heard, Squawkers was indeed making the trip. :)

  6. It's hard to believe that it's the THIRD time you guys are doing this. Congratulations on keeping a good thing going!



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