Monday, March 30, 2009

Autism Awareness Month Posters

Anyone who wishes to use these is welcome to do so. I plan to print out a few of each for placing near offensive or simply misguided "awareness" displays.


  1. *hugs* I know April is always very hard for you. Thank you for your strength and sense of humour in the face of all their lies and hate.

  2. Awesome!!!
    I'm really blown away by these posters!

  3. Niiiiiice!

    More! I want more! Something about how while you are walking "for autism", all *your* money is going to X, Y, and Z. Something about murders of autistic people that doesn't make the reader go "And that's exactly why I'm walking for autism -- we have to stop it before we're forced to condone more murders!" Something about bullying. Something about . . . moar plz!

    I do have one suggestion: I would've made "false idea" the big words rather than "vaccines cause autism" in the Jenny poster. I could see some people with very short attention spans for "causes" (the kind who'd be walking in the first place) seeing only "Autism Awareness" and "vaccines cause autism".

    "Awareness" in quotes? Would that be too much?

    Also, moar plz.

    Also, haha @ my word verification: "Shisupp". Which is what I should probably do now.

  4. I agree with Evonne on changing the emphasis in the vaccine poster. Otherwise, excellent as always. :)

    Word verification: poomor (yup, that's autism awareness).

  5. Well, my thought was to make it look more like a mainstream "awareness" poster, but I figure Evonne and abfh can't both be wrong at the same time. The requested change has been made.

  6. Visually that poster did look better the other way, but conceptually I agree with the idea of emphasizing "false idea" instead of "vaccines..."

    In the third poster, shouldn't that be "lack of..." in the last line?

    That third poster makes sense to me, and I'm sure to most of your other readers. But I wonder how well it would make the desired point to people who aren't as tuned in to the Autistic community. I suspect that most of the people who march for so fuzzy a concept as "Autism Awareness" only have, at best, a very fuzzy concept of what their money really goes to. They may be assuming that their money ALREADY GOES to things like support services for Autistic adults, so seeing this poster could lead them to think, "Hooray, this is just the kind of thing I wanted to support by supporting Autism awareness, I'm so glad I'm doing this!"

    Also ... if you're going to be putting up these posters, how about also including a relevant URL link in each one that would lead people to a web site where they can learn more about the topic -- either some central web site like, or your blog site, or perhaps a tailor-chosen URL for each poster, such as a web site calling for the close down of that center for the "shocking" poster (I can never remember how to spell the name of that center even though I recognize it when I see it). That way, people who are interested in learning more will know where to go.

  7. Dear Bev,

    As always, excellent.

    If you make more posters I will put them on my blog.

    First one tomorrow.

  8. Oh, and don't miss "Jenny McCarthy's Body Count":


  9. Thanks for always providing such great materials!

    I think we should print huge stacks to paper the Toys 'r Us stores who have HUGE Autism Speaks campaigns going on right now.

  10. Hey, I'm posting the details of this on as many blogs as I can. It's a story about six disabled people, one of whom was autistic, being killed by doctors' neglect. One was denied cancer treatment. Another went without food for 26 days. I know it has little to do with this particular post. However, "autism awareness" if it is to mean anyuthing, should be awareness of the injustice against autistic and other disabled people, and how to stop it:

  11. I absolutely love these. May I use one in my inaugural blog post (with credit, of course?)

    I'm definitely printing these out and posting them where I see them need to be posted.

  12. Also, extra gold stars for "shocking", "sickening" and "doesn't work". Brilliant.

  13. Bev - how about hyperlinks in the posters to your blog and autism hub? :)

    I'm posting one of them on Facebook.

  14. Here is a more positive "Autism Awareness" poster in Bangladesh -- the English caption says "My child is different i'm proud of him!" ... I'm assuming that the Hindi caption says the same thing, though I can't read it! The picture has a Mom holding up her son and they are both smiling lovingly and happily at each other.

    I don't know how long the posted will be posted at this location, so look quick:

  15. Great posters Bev! April can be so infuriating , for the reasons you illustrated.

  16. Awesome...just awesome. My son is on the spectrum and I get tired since he's "high functioning" folks want to see his minstel "dance and show". Come see the one who makes it without an aide? Come see the one who sits in Honor classes? Come see the one who navigates through junior high and bullies? I get sick of him being some sort of side circus act. Why don't they just...come see him...He'd like some friends you know. I TOTALLy will be back and will be using these posters. Thanks!

    Also I don't walk for autism, raise awareness and all this other stuff poor parents do thinking it might one day change the fact that they have children that aren't considered "typical."

    Boy... you really pushed a hot button with me. Love you site.


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