Thursday, February 12, 2009

Think Differently

Video by National Autistic Society


  1. powerful stuff...

    and we're suppose to be the one's to 'correct the errors' in our behaviour?

    nuff said.

  2. Wow... we all need to be aware that this goes on so that we can stop it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. There's such a big deal made over some autistic people not wanting to do "social" things. But nobody seems to take into account things like that happening do a pretty good job of making you never, ever, want to try to socialize again.

  4. *cries* That brings back some bad memories.
    And I'm not even on the spectrum.

  5. Think is unless I am maudlin drunk I am not really into poor bugger me speech these days, it all gets too much like Monty Pythons four yorkshiremen.

    Yeah life can be shit, but yeah sometimes I can kick ass too.

    My life is not an exhibition of misery and oppression it is what it is, and what the future is (and that scares me more than the past)

    We do need to define a new genre of video beyond this sort of thing, because in essence we are still being exploited and used here.

  6. This made me cry because my daughter is only 4 and I worry about the way people will treat her. I hope that she will be accepted for who she is.

  7. I think if they just got rid of the first video bit, and just had the interviews, it would be better, because the video bit did not ring true at all.
    Regarding what that one guy said about feelings and AS, the compartmentalized feelings/being split off from feelings are typical in NT abuse survivors, so I think that would be the bullying rather than the AS. For example one NT girl, sexually abused at nighttime, had a 'night' personality that knew about the abuse and had the associated emotions and a 'day' personality that didn't know/feel anything about the abuse.

  8. i know how the people feel on this video i still get treated that way if i am in public cause i dont look in peoples eyes like they like me to or i dont repsond fast enough God bless those that do understand us that makes a big differnece in our lifes God bless you

  9. Excellent, this makes a real impact. You can really tell how upset the first man who spoke, was by the end of the video recalling the bullying. As well as realizing despite his mum talking to the teacher, that the school wasn't going to understand he was victimized.

    I also love all the British accents from the YouTube, I'm American so it's interesting to hear them cause I don't hear British accents most of the time.

  10. I guess it would also depend on with whom one socializes. I was fortunate to have a handful of people on my side who would serve as witness to some of the targeted attacks. Including my science teacher who I kept in the loop. I also studied martial arts in secret. Eventually went up to purple belt.

    Then one day, with the science teacher's consent, when the bully pulled the chair out from under me and I fell. He said, "so, whatcha gonna do about it?" And took on a fighting stance.

    I pretended to look meek and then I suddenly kicked him in the chin. He fell over as others cheered me on. He never messed with me again.

    Another time another bully pulled out a compas and threatened me with it. A quiet guy in my class (Chucky) who was big and strong beat the crap out of him. That never happened again. I will forever be grateful to Chuck.

    Bullying and ostracizment took on a more psychological role once I entered the workplace with the bully teaming up with my manager. This ultimately ended up with me being laid off. But it was all for the better. I ended up working for people that appear to appreciate my kind and I am treated with dignity and respect. There are many like me where I now work. For that I am grateful too.


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