Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where in the world is Steve D.?

Steve D. of One Dad's Opinion sends greetings from a recent, and well deserved, vacation. Check out his latest post here.


  1. I just checked, and I'm right where I thought I was. Whew!

  2. Sorry to be off-topic -- I was wondering if you might want to blog about this:

    Jerry Lewis, the man who runs the annual Telethon to raise money for people with muscular dystrophy in the US is about to receive a humanitarian award. Many people in the disability community is protesting this award because they feel that Jerry perpetuates and entrenches negative, harmful stereotypes toward people with disabilities. More about the petition campaign at:

    There is also a Facebook group at

  3. Oh hey, Aspeger Square 8! I hope you read Alex and me by Irene Pepperberg. If you like African Grey Parrots (and who doesn't?) You'll go out of your mind with bliss.

  4. It really bugs me when people pretend that a pet has written something when it's really the person writing on their behalf without really knowing their perspective. It feels like you're stealing their voice. Some parents of disabled kids do the same thing, and it really bothers me.


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