Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pink Panther times two

The Pink Panther has always been one of my favorite characters. As a child, I found the cartoon very easy to follow, as there was no requirement to process speech in order to understand it. Here, the Pink Panther offers his powerful vitamins to the public, with some unintended consequences.

I thought it might be fun to list some of the ways Pink Panther communicates in this cartoon, although he never uses spoken words. To get the list started, he writes, points, and rings a bell. How many other communication strategies can you find?

This next clip is from the 2006 movie, The Pink Panther, starring Steve Martin as Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Much frustration ensues when Clouseau is unable to pronounce a word as directed.

Clearly, the dialect coach messed up big time. A bag of M&M's in view might have been more motivating. Or could it be that Clouseau's way of speaking is already sufficient to meet his needs?


  1. Pink Panther whistled and I thought of Harpo Marx. I like the theme score.

  2. I like pink panther. But watching in you tube with so many breaks for loading up you loose some fun of it.

  3. Pink Panther is great. Now that I think of it my favorite cartoons when I was small were the ones with a minimum or no speech (Road Runner and Tom and Jerry comes to mind, I loved those).

    In that clip Pink Panther communicates intent pretty well by handing the badge back to the guy. That's about as direct as you can get to say "I don't want this thing"

  4. Roadrunner was Alex's most favourite when he was little (great YouTube video of him watching Roadrunner here). Only fitting he grew up to be one (a member of the PEI RoadRunners Club)!

  5. Thanks for sharing the video, that was very cute. He's so excited!

  6. Pink Panther flexes his muscles (to show the vitamin makes you strong) ... I like how even his tail muscle is flexed!

    Uses facial expression (after he has trouble catching the thief) to express grumpy resignation.

    I couldn't understand the second video without captions so I've no clue what to say for that.

  7. Did someone say M&Ms? LoL


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