Friday, October 17, 2008

Squawkers McCaw Updates

Here's what Squawkers McCaw has been up to during our absence from the blog.
First, the bad news. Squawkers was banned from Facebook! The administrators have accused him of using a fake name.

Squawkers has been working hard at the new job, as noted in this report written by our boss, Mr. Clean (AKA Jeff).

He likes having his own keyboard.

photo by Meg Collins

Squawkers has a new friend, George B. McCaw. George and his son Ronnie came over for dinner, along with their human, Meg. They had many amusing conversations, and Squawkers hopes to see George again soon.


  1. Okay, the aspie in me has to say: Facebook is CIA funded. Squawkers should be glad he's no longer involved with them. You two can read more here:

    Tell Squawkers I like his hoodie.

  2. That link didn't work, let me try again.

  3. I'm still so bummed that Facebook banned Squawkers. I think they will ban me next. Shh!

  4. Sqawkers and George should set up their ow social networking site. I think it would be so much coller than facebook.
    Much love to you and sqawkers.

  5. What sanabituranima said! A social squawking site would be much more interesting than Facebook.

  6. YES! I am in favor of a Squawkers site as well...I would totally join.

  7. Facebook must be pretty darn strict! I am glad to see you began a club on there for Squawkers!

  8. Typical! Anyone who has something different to say gets shunned.
    Squawkers should definetly have his own site.

  9. Oh my, the hoodies are adorable.

  10. Haha McCaws with hoodies!! Did you make those hoodies? haha so cute!


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