Friday, May 23, 2008

Work With Me

Autism: Work With Me, Not On Me. This is the theme of the Summer Autism Conference at University of San Diego’s Autism Institute. Quite a switch from the usual approach, but that’s what you get at USD: true collaboration and support, rather than attempts at changing, fixing or eliminating autistic people.

I am happy to report that a group of Autism Hub bloggers has been invited to present at the conference to be held June 23 through 25. As some of you know, Steve, Do’C, and I were at the winter conference for a breakout session. This time, we will do two breakouts and a full session, presenting to the entire group of conference attendees. Rounding out the group will be Estee Klar-Wolfond and yep, you heard right, Autism Diva.

The conference will be held at USD’s Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice. You can find the daily schedule here and a brief description of our presentations here. I hope that some regular Hub readers will be able to join us to discuss some important issues, including self-advocacy, parenting, acceptance of differences, and how to tell the difference between science and science fiction.

Again, we have Steve D. to thank for working with the folks at USD to enable our participation. There is still time to register! Join us there if you are able, and please help us spread the word.


  1. Ah, Peace and Justice -- how appropriate!

  2. Great poster! If I lived anywhere near there, I would make copies and put them all over campus and see how long they stayed up. I bet a lot of people would think they were "official" posters.

  3. That's great! Thanks to you and everyone else involved in making that happen :)

  4. I love the poster! Can we use that in the presentation?

  5. Autism Diva always wanted to be a headliner. :-D

    She loves the poster and is looking forward to meeting some of her fellow bloggers/co-conspirators in San Diego. Autism Diva, of course, will be arriving by black helicopter, wearing a Kathleen Seidel disguise.

  6. That means I get to wear the Diva disguise. Where is that tiara...

    I must confess that I used a Flick'r tool to create this poster. I do think it turned out well, but not so much through any effort or talent of mine. Though I did have to add the Squawkers to the fountain.

  7. lol I see Sqwawkers by the fountain. xD


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