Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seidel Conspiracy Trading Card

Possibly the first in a series of Autism Hub trading cards. To have your own card included in the set, (1) do something(s) extraordinary, and (2) be treated abusively for the thing(s), and (3) be dismissed as someone who couldn't possibly have done the thing(s) himself or herself. Also be a member of Autism Hub. For anyone who finds these standards too demanding, you can always make your own. You can nominate yourself or another hub member for a card in the comment section here.
Disclaimer: The woman pictured is not actually Kathleen, but an anonymous 1960s housewife "type." The man is not Kathleen either. He is Glen Campbell who sang "Dreams of the Everyday Housewife," an ode to egoism as much as to sexism. The rat could not be reached for comment. W e are unable to state with certainty that the rat is not actually named "clifford." The money and drugs are imaginary, part of the "dream" cooked up by someone or other. No autistics were harmed in the creation of this virtual trading card.


  1. Want! WAAAAANT! Does Squawkers-sitting count toward trading card status? I nominate Larry Arnold, Amanda Baggs and Joel Smith for cardship. I do not meet your criteria because I am a jackass. Please make me a trading card with my face superimposed over that of a jackass.

    And make yourself one with your face superimposed over that of AWESOME.

  2. Ooo, way cool! I nominate Kevin Leitch for card # 2 because Autism Hub was his idea and because he's taken so much abuse from the antivax crowd.

    If you deem me worthy of a trading card, you may display my butt prominently, along with a large pair of glossy red lips to illustrate what the curebies can do with it.

  3. You have GOT to make more of these!

    Seriously. I'm going to start collecting them.

  4. Mr. Best,

    You are welcome to comment here. As I have said before, hate speech and links to blogs or other sites containing the same are not accepted.

    "Foresam" said:
    "I nominate David Andrews."

  5. (whining) I want a me one.

    I have not accomplished half of what Kathleen has accomplished. I have never been cited in the BMJ, but I have been interviewed by a NYT reporter re: neurodiversity and acceptance.

    I am widely reviled and hated by mercury militia types. I am a semi-retired blogger blogging in hub blogs.

    I bet clifford the rat doesn't like me much.

    Oh, and I have been accused multiple times of BEING Kathleen Seidel. Or maybe it's that she has been accused of being me.

    Conspiracies work that way, though, you know how it is, shape shifting aliens have sort of amorphous identities anyway. Some suggestions for my card, it will need pictures of Mady Hornig's murderous mice with blood on their muzzles, dollar signs, "GFCF" with the universal "no" symbol over it... "MeB12" and "mHBOT" with the same. Oh a picture of a duck or the logo from my blog that says, "no quack zone" if you like... I look a lot like Audry Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's". :-D With the tiara, but without the cigarette holder, maybe you could substitute a hypodermic needle for the cigarette holder...

  6. I second Kev for the second card. No question he should have.

    As for the joker, can anyone bottom (jokers are on the bottom) John Beast?

  7. I nominate (or second) autism diva. You could make this into a card game, like munchkin, and have Bad guy cards too...


  8. Ah, bad guy cards. The possibilities! And the extensive work for poor Bev!

    Get to work, Bev.

  9. I like the Bad Guy cards idea, there's so many to choose from.

    Four suits:

    Hearts: Those attacked because of their Autism.
    Diamonds: Autistic rights activists.
    Clubs: Killers and abusers of autistics.
    Spades: Scientists and spokespeople looking for a cure.

    Get to work, Bev.

  10. This is totally cool, Bev. Make sure you reserve #8 for yourself.

  11. Oh, yeah, Dave Seidel is a named co-conspirator and dominator of wikipedia. He should be one of the first cards.

  12. Brilliant! I like this very much.

    Obviously you will have to make a Diva card, a Kev card and a Larry card would be fun too (it'd have to have a Landie on there.) I certainly think Michelle meets all the criteria. Oh there are quite a few great Hub-ers that deserve a collector card. I look forward to getting the set.
    And I agree with the suggestion that card 8 is yours.

  13. This is SO funny. I love it that you managed to squeeze Pupshaw in there; he's my kitchen mascot, and also helps to gussy up my monitor.

  14. I suppose, then, that I will have to make more. Should any of the nominated bloggers for any reason not want to be featured on a card, I trust they will let me know this. I would hate to think anyone would feel trivialized by this venture, which I see as a tribute and expression of admiration.

    Also, if your name has been mentioned here, and you would like to make suggestions (see comment #6), these are welcome, but may not be followed, as they say, "to the letter."

    Cards will appear gradually, whenever I get around to them. Bad guys, you will have to wait a bit longer.

    I was not familiar with Pupshaw before I saw him mentioned as a co-conspirator in the Shoemaker subpoena. Or someplace like that, I can't remember exactly.

    I have a special screensaver, too.


  15. Yeah I did think that was Glen Campbell! When I was little I used to think his hairstyle was like curtains over his forehead. lol

    Sexism was pretty much taken for granted, now it's more subliminal.

  16. oh gosh, I'm so late. The Trump card! Three times already he's been associating vaccines with autism on his stump speeches. And once he even said it on his Twitter. Oh gosh if he becomes president I think it will rly hurt the autistic cause.


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