Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Alex Barton Update

Via The Daily Kos: Mrs. Portillo has been reassigned to the district office pending further review.

And from wptv.com, Melissa Barton speaks:

Edit: Why I closed the comments to this post.

Edit: An address (thanks for this to abfh) to send a card, letter or gift for Alex:

Alex is Special
c/o Barbara Curtis
15648 Britenbush Ct.
Waterford, VA 20197

Edit (May 28): Now you can send a supportive message to Alex at supportalex@treasurecoast.com

Edit (May 29): More details from the police report are available now, including this from Melissa Barton:

She told the officer that after she talked with Portillo about the voting, Portillo "blocked the door for about five minutes to prevent me from leaving the classroom with my child, who was visibly shaken by the abuse."

Read more here.

Edit (May 30): Read commentary by Christschool on the police report here.

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