Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spamming for a Cure: Goofus and Gallant Show You How

Goofus makes things up when he is angry. Here, he accuses a woman without children of being a bad mother. And a man.

Gallant is always honest. He knows nothing about this autism business, and doesn't mind telling you so!

Goofus is a "spammer."

Gallant remembers to use his manners, always identifying himself and using the polite words he learned from his ABA therapist.

Goofus couldn't care less about autistic adults.

But Gallant knows that "helping" is not a burden!


  1. Perfect. I used to get spam comments on my blog from both Goofus and Gallant. They get around, don't they?

  2. Bev, Once again you get it! I love how you found the old Goofus and Gallant cartoons, too.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Too funny, Bev. But also, not so much.
    Boy, you really get to the heart of the issues with your posts. Bravo!

  4. Spot on, Bev.
    In fact, Bingo!
    I've seen plenty of both Goofus and Gallant, in various forms, in the field.
    (Maybe Squawkers McCaw can write a field-guide to the various subspecies?)

  5. I second the field-guide suggestion. ;) There are a lot of subspecies out there.

  6. This is beyond awesome.

  7. Shirt, please.

    At the risk of copyright somethingorother.

  8. sigh. i feel a need to try to explain the barrage of comments(because some are mine) on your Beware of Awareness video. as you may well be accustomed to, the bulk of the discussion has nothing to do with you. (ironic, eh?)
    The one that started the mess (lovingmomoftwo- who some believe is a man named PhilC)) was taken to be directed at someone who is featuring your video on her channel. Her friends came to her rescue.
    I think it is largely a misunderstanding that could be deleted, mainly because it is not response to you or your video.
    and if that's not what your Goofus and Gallant post is about.... i'll just slink away now...~wiscsuzski

  9. Oh, Suzanne! This was not directed toward you, and in fact I've been meaning to let you know that I appreciated your defense of the video. I was taken aback by the other commenter, who took up for me by saying that he knew the man who made it, he's a nice guy, etc. And the OP who was just clueless.

    Anyway, some other stuff happened with spam around the Hub the same night. Removal of said spam resulted in more extreme nastiness. So I thought I'd just say a little something to all the G&G out there for their hard work.

    Sorry you got caught up in the net. You are one of the good guys. A nice man, just like me!

  10. Dead clever, Bev.


  11. Evonne wrote something about copyright.

    My understanding is that as long as you are not making money on Goofus and Gallant images using them should be fine in and of itself. If you sell someone's intellectual property you engender liability. The law on intellectual property gets murky with educational use when money is not involved.

    Highlights for Children owns Goofus and Gallant which is still in syndication and is now rendered with computer animation. This is an active copyright.

    The worst thing that could happen is Highlights could ask you to take them down. They have no litigious history.


  12. Thanks, Sarah. I do try to stay within fair use laws as far I understand them. I think Evonne was concerned about what might happen if I put them on a shirt. Goof-vonne wants the t-shirt. But Gallavonne knows this is wrong. :)

  13. I'm thinking the worst that could happen is she'll get a notice from CafePress saying that particular item in her media basket won't be available until it's approved. Goof-bev flirts with copyright infringement daily. Gall-bev feels awful golly-gee bad about it. :P

  14. Hi Bev and Goof-Ann,

    You know they make heat transfer paper for T shirt design and sell it at craft stores?

    You size up your image as you like and then it prints onto the transfer paper right through your home printer.

    Then the resulting image can be ironed onto any shirt.

    This sidesteps any corporate authority since you are still not selling anything.


  15. This is absolutely rich! I remember those Highlights magazines from when I was a child sitting around the doctor's waiting.

    Hmn, wouldn't Gallant feel required to use the Politically Correct "adults-with-autism" phrasing?

  16. hahaha 😂 I laughed so hard it hurt!!


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