Friday, February 22, 2008

Utopia Resume

(Click to enlarge)

Not the one I turned in for class today...


  1. How funny! I was just updating my resume yesterday.

    I'm sure the one you posted here is much more interesting than the official version.

  2. If your gig with Michelle doesn't work out, we have two font wonks here (one autistic and small and one nonautistic and grown) who are looking to build their team. LMK.

  3. Oh, I would hire you in a heartbeat based on the resume here! Unfortunately, the job is currently filled by--er, um, well, I guess I do't really have any jobs after all! Sorry.

    Postmodernist bird sounds?? I'm dying to hear those!

  4. I have a genuine resume with, like, work experience and everything on it. Little do they know I am one of the nation's foremost ant hill photographers :-)


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