Friday, December 14, 2007

Would you give them your money?

The NYU Child Study Center has responded to the protest against its Ransom Notes campaign.
Koplewicz: “While we knew the campaign was edgy and we knew it would be harsh and upsetting, the facts of mental illness are even more upsetting." Thus, they have decided to "ride out the storm," and continue ignoring the voices of disability advocates, whom they dismiss as having had "their feelings hurt."
Perhaps it is time to start a conversation with others who are complicit in the distribution of these highly offensive ads.
Newsweek? Any comments on this?
Update: As of this afternoon, 12/19/2007, the Ransom Notes campaign has been withdrawn, according to an announcement at the Child Study Center website.


  1. "It's harsh and edgy and shocking but I don't think it's nearly as shocking as the diseases themselves, and the lack of treatment," [Koplewicz] said. "It's time for psychotic disorders to be equal to physical disorders."

    This from an article in today's NY Daily News. So, now we have Koplewicz re-writing the DSM on the fly? He really considers those people with AS, ASD, OCD, etc. to be psychotic?

  2. hollywoodjaded: Yeah, again, folks giving themselves kudos for being "harsh and edgy and shocking", as though reiterating ignorance and tired stereotypes were really bold and cutting-edge.

  3. Going after Newsweek is OK, but ultimately, the only thing this guy cares about is money. We have to go after his pocket book. There must be something they can be sued for. And until we figure that out, does NYU have any clients who are bigger than others? I mean places that use their services en masse, like possibly the NYC BoE (although they are far to cheap to do so). If they started to loose money over this, I bet they'd grow a social conscience right quick.

  4. We should encourage a boycott. The lack of respect for people is astounding. There's more to this travesty than is being told, I bet.

    Metta, Rjaye

  5. Class action for Libel or Slander anyone? we could name these folks, autism sneaks, gen wrecksu and more, like DAN, as parties

  6. Eh? WTF?

    I just hope there's something else out there with the initials DAN and you're not talking about the UK Disabled People's Direct Action Network which myself and several other outspoken autism advocates in the UK are members of, which is 100% pro neurodiversity and social model...

  7. I'd like to leave a comment not specifically related to the NYU center, but to perceptions of autism by the general public: Dr. Phil's show tonight will feature an autism theme, and I plan to watch, not because I particularly like his show, but because I want to see how the topic is handled. I suspect it will be handled in a melodramatic and sensational manner. The quick-clip promo I saw for tonight's show featured a small boy yelling at the top of his lungs, apparently having an intense meltdown.

    If the topic is mishandled, it may be time to e-mail Dr. Phil.

  8. Shiva: I believe Patrick means the organization "Defe@t Auti$m N0w".


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