Thursday, December 13, 2007

Super-specialized favorites list

These are a few of my favorite talking toy birds. (Hey, I'm a specialist, not a generalist.)
1) This is Bobby Watson, my first talking bird. I've had him for a few years. He's easy on batteries and gets along with the cats. He likes bongo drums and sitting on the back of the couch. He's done a bit of modeling, but has stated that he does not wish to "go pro."

2) I meant no disrespect to Bobby Watson when I spotted another bird I just had to bring home. Unfortunately, I don't have a current photo of Bobby Goren, but this guy looks exactly like him.

What's special about Bobby Goren? He repeats everything twice. Twice! Double echolalia. I couldn't resist this one, although he has to stay on his stand and is therefore less cuddly and portable than Bobby Watson. Bobby Goren enjoys watching TV and chirping.

3) For ultimate portability, Burwick is the bird of choice. Also extremely versatile, Burwick is no toy, but an ink pen and flashlight combo that just happens to repeat back what you tell him. He is my newest bird and current favorite, occupying the inside pocket of my jacket on most days. He has never yet uttered an inappropriate word in the workplace. Pictured here, Burwick is patiently awaiting breakfast and a PowerPoint presentation.

4) The very latest in toy talking birds: Squawkers McCaw. Squawkers is programmable; in addition to repeating words and phrases, this bird can be "trained" to respond to questions. Scripts, anyone? I don't have a Squawkers McCaw yet, but Christmas is just around the corner. I've been pretty good.

"A Few of Our Favorite Things" is the theme of the latest Disability Blog Carnival, now being hosted at Andrea's Buzzing About. Though I didn't get my list in on time, I couldn't resist joining in the fun.


  1. Well then dang girl, I'll add your link!

  2. What a collection. My daughter wants that last bird really bad. It is pretty pricey! Get your letter in to Santa! :)

  3. I met a member of the Squawkers McCaw family last weekend at Toys 'R' Us; I don't know if I mentioned that. He kept breaking into "Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot", which distressed me somewhat, but what I found absolutely endearing is that, when I scratched his head as I was evidently instinctively compelled to do, he tucked in his chin and closed his eyes VERY much like Burgess does. That was pretty impressive. I presume, ahem, Santa already knows you want him, right? And Santa already has it under control, right?

    I was going to show this post to my husband to assure him your interest in our bird is purely innocuous, but . . . Burwick, eh?

  4. Moosie really wants one of those, but it was $50. 'Me buy dat!' he says. I was hoping the grandparents would come through (especially since they have a real african grey parrot that is a chatterbox) I thought he just talked...but he moves/responds like a bird too?

  5. Berwick is quite impressive. I like his small size, aerodynamic styling and ability to perform several functions at the same time. Where can I get myself a Berwick?

  6. gef,
    Try OzmoFun; they carry a bird much like this one.


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