Saturday, November 17, 2007

A new perseveration

Sometimes, you just need to get away. I have found a playground I like; it is called The Websafe Times. There are virtual characters there, including web talk show host Celia Gray, who made this design for me. It is called Pattern in Up to Eight Colors. I had to ask her very nicely if I could take it home with me; the first time she gave me a square, she very quickly took it back, but I think we are friends now.
The Websafe Times also has an interactive whiteboard where you can draw with other people. It's a fun place to visit. I have been spending too much time there.


  1. Thanks, Bev, for your amusing, interesting and probing chats with my virtual characters. Thanks also to those others who have chatted so far. My characters are meant to amuse and intrigue, even to charm and delight if possible.

    I would very much appreciate it if the conversations could be kept G-rated and reasonably civil. One guest made death threats to a character, I suppose as a test, but I strongly dislike that kind of thing and it upsets me greatly.

    For those who may want to try writing their own, Pandorabots is a good place to start. You may find it's immensely difficult to script a character which satisfies your audience. Your guests may range from friendly playfulness, to harsh criticism, to outright abuse. So be forewarned.

  2. Websafe,
    I enjoy your characters very much, especially Celia. After many visits, I am still discovering new things about what she knows and how she learns. I have nowhere near the expertise to program characters like this myself, so I appreciate that you provide them for my amusement. Alas, I am a geek wannabe!

  3. If you can customize a blog on Blogger, I believe you can use the instructions I wrote below. Give it a try!


    Pandorabot Training (Easy Method)

    The Easy method is a simple 5-step process. You don't have to interact with any computer code.

    A good thing about the Easy method for beginners is that all your work is saved into a single Update file, in chronological order. (An advanced AIML programmer can then use the Hard method to go into the Update file, see all your work in chronological order and make changes from there.)


    Here's how to Train. First, you have to get to the right Web page:

    Go to and sign in with your e-mail address and password. Click the Login button. Wait for the page to reload.

    Click on your Pandorabot's name. Wait for the page to reload.

    Click Train (on far left of screen) to be in Train space. Wait for the page to reload.


    Now you're ready for Pandorabot Training (Easy Method):

    a) Type your question in the text box marked Human.
    b) Click the Ask button. Wait for the page to reload.

    a) Type the new answer in the second text box (below the old answer).
    b) Click the Say Instead button. Wait for the page to reload.
    c) Click the Ask Again button. Wait for the page to reload. Your new answer will be displayed. It has now been saved to your Pandorabot's Update file. To train some more, go back to Step 1.



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