Friday, November 9, 2007

Grand Opening: Asperger Square 8/Hatch Xanadu Shop

Visit for Wall Against Hate shirts and other Square 8 products. If you want to. Hatch isn't going to like this announcement. Anyway, here is the store. Let me know if there are other products you would like to see there. I hope to get back to writing regular posts tomorrow.


  1. It looks good. It looks really, really good. The announcement -- meh. 'Sokay.

  2. Well done you. As for additional products [probably very fringe] how about watch straps, ones without any kind of metal fastening or velcro - hey! I did say it fits a tiny market.

  3. I don't know why you weren't doing this a long time ago. What with all the graphics-making and all. If loving T-shirts is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  4. Beautiful, Bev! I agree with Evonne -- with your talent for graphics you should have opened shop long ago. I'm sorry I didn't get in on the bricks, but you already had one that said just what I wanted -- "I love my autistic child as he is!" :) I'm going to order a t-shirt. And I'm so thankful the kids shirts come in long sleeves, as my son won't wear anything else! ;)

  5. This has the best sizing/product info I have ever seen! I bought a sweatshirt. :)

    Meanwhile, you MUST be familiar with this?

    (Watching it now on the TV with the young'un. It's a LONGtime favorite.)

    Marie S.

  6. I love this. I'm going to be buying shirts for myself and my kids. My daughter plans on wearing hers proudly at school. She's such a huge advocate for her brother amongst their peers.

    I wish I could have gotten in on the bricks. If I could have I would have wanted my brick to say. I'm not "broken". I don't need to be "fixed". It's the motto for my son in our home.

  7. Fabulous! Now I know what I'm going to get myself for Christmas.

    I also got 10 posters I just need to work up the nerve to ask people to hang them, which is all about my shyness in approaching people -- anybody who wants to talk about the poster's message is going to get an earfull from me.

    karen in ca

  8. Your store looks great, please could you offer childrens sizes esp. in your shirt range. N3S would adore the green shirt with your blog header on it.

  9. Just received the shirt I ordered. The printing is great (not that cheap plastic-y iron-on type stuff) and the shirt is good quality. Can't wait to wear it around!


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