Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Completed wall poster

Download the full size version here.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, the Brick Wall Against Hate is now available as a poster suitable for downloading and distributing in your own community. I very much appreciate the responses to this and enjoyed putting it together. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fit in the last few bricks requested yesterday, as the poster was already in production. I had meant to close the comments after adding the last row, but failed to do so. My apologies to anyone who was left out. This was not intentional or personal.

The posters are available with a variety of slogans. Download the ones that appeal to you and use them to leave a message wherever one is needed. I've been reading about the latest PostSecret book and how people have been adding their own secrets to the book in libraries and bookstores everywhere, so that when others purchase or check them out, they get the bonus secrets too. This seems like an idea that might be worth borrowing. Imagine someone bringing home a copy of Evidence of Harm and finding our wall folded inside!
Several of you have offered to contribute to production costs. I appreciate that, but really, there are none. There are a couple of things you can do if you choose to help spread this message. I would love to get photos of the posters wherever you place them, with or without a story attached. And soon, likely within the next day, the wall will also be available on t-shirts from CafePress. These will be sold at cost, as I don't think it's fair to make a profit on something so many people worked on.

If you have suggestions for a different slogan to go with the wall, let me know, and I'll consider adding them. Thanks again for the contributions.


  1. Agreed, this is truly lovely.
    Thank you so much for this.
    Maybe we can win after all.

  2. That is fantastic, thank you for doing it :D.

  3. Congratulations Bev. It's beautiful and moving.

  4. It's perfect.

    karen in ca

  5. Bev, this is even more breathtaking than I imagined. I am moved to tears. I will rpoudly share this with others in my own community. I'd like to try to get my local weekly paper to do a piece on it if I can swing it. I'll let you know!

  6. Wall Against Hate t-shirts are now available. Visit the CafePress shop link. These are offered at cost, as promised. Just don't buy the V-neck. It's "out of order" at the moment and won't disappear.

  7. Aww, what a shame. The V-neck is the only model I liked.

    Is it going to be not-out-of-order or is it staying that way?

  8. Norah,
    That shirt will be repaired as soon as CafePress fixes the glitch keeping the current one from being deleted. They are aware of the problem and working to fix it.

  9. Beautifully done, Bev (et al.) I like the idea of sneaking them into books like EoH. ;)

  10. I found this site a while back when searching for Asperger resources. Just wanted to say I love the poster and ordered a shirt from CafePress with the poster on it as well.

  11. This is such a great idea. I hope you don't mind that I have the wall on my blog. I'd love to be able to take this, with your permission, and do something in my kid's schools. The middle school my daughter goes to recently had a small campaign for Autism Acceptance with flyers all over the school sponsored by the autism program there. The elementary my son is in has a wonderful program and I'd love to see them support something like this.

  12. Hi Misha K,
    I am happy to hear you have the wall on your blog! And please use the posters in whatever way you think will best draw attention to our cause. No need to ask permission; this wall belongs to all of us.

  13. I guess I'm having a brain fart, I'm pretty good on computers but at the moment can't figure out how to put a pictured link to it on my blog. Well, it has been a long day.

  14. I ordered a V-neck :D

  15. If you're still considering further brick suggestions, how about this:

    "An AD(H)D-er Standing in Solidarity with Autistics!"

    Color of brick, maybe blue or purple, ideally in a hue consistent with those popularly chosen for GLBT-pride materials.

    Font, something sans serif, maybe Arial. Color of text, you choose, just so it contrasts nicely with the background.

    The idea of the slogan being to send the message that it's not only autistic adults or families who endorse neurodiversity or want to speak out for embracing neurological differences, that there are other people willing to stand up with autistic adults for their right to be heard.

    Thanks for doing this project--looks great even if you never add another brick!

  16. I want to thank you and everybody who contributed for the beautiful wall. It was a wall of construction, not destruction. My brick would have been purple with white letters in comic sans serif saying: Address valleys//leverage peaks//Don't erase

    Again, thank you. In our own way, our minds are beautiful too. And we have a different beauty sensibility than what is typically being pushed.


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