Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's a straw, straw world

Not long ago, on a distant blog, the argument was said to be re-forming. This is a world where glittery bracelets and reconstructed faces are all the rage, a place where serious discussion of autism seldom occurs. I visited on the recommendation of a colleague from this planet, remembering to bring with me all the protective gear I’d need to function in the lighter atmosphere.

This is what I saw there, along with some other…stuff.

Autism may not be curable, but it is treatable. Hundreds, if not thousands, of children have lost the autism diagnosis using the same treatments as Jenny McCarthy. These treatments are described in the book, "Changing the Course of Autism; A Scientific Approach for Parents and Physicians," by Dr. Bryan Jepson. Oct 6 07, 6:52 AM
Most people on the autistic spectrum aspie /
autistic/aspergian take great offense to the notion we should be cured. We hate groups like Autism Speaks and Cure autism now. Please see and celebrate autistic pride day. Oct 6 07, 7:48 AM

(Same person as 32) (Thirty-three), I don't want my child to be a
different person--I'm not trying to change him. Research shows that the majority of children with autism have bowel disease and poor immune function. I think it would be irresponsible not to do my best to get him as healthy as possible. Not treating IBD just because he has autism would be nuts--don't you think? As it happened, when I started treating the IBD, his tantrums disappeared. His tantrums had always frightened and embarrassed him. Plus his constant stomach and headaches disappeared. He's still the same person, but his quality of life improved pretty dramatically. I think all mothers should do everything in their power to enable their children to have the best possible quality of life. I assure you, I'm not trying to turn him into the prom king or the captain of the football team--I think he's wonderful.

This was the entirety of the discussion between these two. Thinking I must have missed where (33) said that (32/34) should not address her son’s GI distress, or try to keep him healthy, I looked back through the comments. Nothing. I checked the DSM again to make sure I knew what the word “autism” meant. I checked the ICD-10 for good measure. No, tantrums, stomachaches and headaches do not appear to be the criteria for "the autism diagnosis."

In short, the faraway blog was no different from what I see every day. The straw men there just were not dressed up as nicely. Perhaps the fashion icons who rule that world may be able to help them “get their bling on."


  1. Maybe "Turkey in the Straw" could become the /leitmotif/ the band strikes up whenever the bashers of autistic self-advocacy show up on the stage...

  2. Thank you for directing me over there.

  3. Casdok,
    I'm glad you left a comment there. I was feeling lonely!



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