Saturday, September 1, 2007

The New Square


  1. You are too silly - should we petition?

    Another petition would be to put plastic coverings on them rather than paper. But that's a whole different story. [which you might care to address at a later date?]


  2. Hysterical! :-D

    True, too! Since 1993, at least.

  3. That is absolutely fantastic!

  4. Dr. Wacko is more honest about his/her conflicts of interest than some folks we know...

  5. I've just noticed something, though.

    The composite graphic in the banner has 17 8s. Not 16. How did this happen?

  6. I count 15 8s per se, and two infinitys. (Oh, maybe those are just 8s lying down for a rest!)

    Ohgood... you could always consider that other one 1 for the road?

    But I do feel sorry for all of those poor color drained squares. Who would commit such a travesty?

  7. Heh. High falutin'.

  8. I actually saw Hewey perform that in 1987! It was awesome! Back then I wasn't fully aware I was a square. I knew I was something. I just didn't know what. Where I worked seemed to promote squares. One of the few places. My boss and boss' boss were squares. It was a comfy feeling. I was lucky.


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