Sunday, August 5, 2007

An Asperger Holiday

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Vacations can be hard. Have you ever gotten to your destination only to find that you've left that very important toy or comfort object back at home? Sleeping in a strange bed, keeping odd hours, encountering God knows what kinds of foods--traveling can be a real nightmare for some autistic people. Why not stay home this year?
Introducing Asperger Square 8's Travelnot Agency with affordable packages for all! Our basic package offers three postcards for mailing to friends and family. The close-up photographs of everyday stuff highlight the joys of discovery near your own home. Be sure to add a description of your days spent watching TV, eating cereal, taking a walk, whatever you like to do! Everyone appreciates getting postcards from a fun holiday!

An essential part of any vacation--the souvenir t-shirt: Our standard package includes this shirt so you can proudly show off your holiday to those who didn't take advantage of this offer! This extra soft shirt (without itchy tag!) is available in one (1) sizes. At this price, I know you won't have any complaints about that!

Upgrade to Travelnot's deluxe package for the ultimate virtual holiday experience. The deluxe package includes coupons for video rental and snacks. Choose wisely to set the proper mood. A Woody Allen film and half a dozen really good bagels later, you'll swear you've enjoyed a New York City vacation indistinguishable from that of your typical peers!


  1. I keep taking photos when I see something and think of a blogger ... like one of wall paving full of squares, or an electric pylon.

  2. Nice try but I'd need a few guarantees with the T-shirt [colour, softiness, label free, no squirrely threads] or maybe we could borrow yours in a years time when it's nice and threadbare?

  3. I love the postcards. Sounds like a nice vacation to me. Next year I think I might stay home....I actually live in a place that has postcards so maybe I could send them and PRETEND I've gone on vacation.

  4. Where do you come up with this stuff, Bev? You are too funny!

    Aside: This travel agency appeals to those of us who are NT but really introverted, too.

  5. haha :) I am booking all of my future not trips at the Travelnot Agency!

  6. LOVE the postcards. Great contribution to the Disability Blog Carnival's "On Holiday" edition!

  7. Betcha you could send a postcard like that first one, (backyard) and no one would even realize what you'd just done.



  8. Wow, I just spent 20 minutes reading your autism thing (getting the truth out)

    I've never read theat before. My son has been recently diagnosed with Autism as well, more specific PDD NOS.

    Thanks for putting that up, I cried when i was done reading it.

  9. onefullhouse,

    I'm glad you visited that link. "Getting the Truth Out" is the work of Amanda Baggs. You can visit her blog at

  10. Great chuckle! I was asked yesterday at work if I were taking a summer vacation at all. First responses that pop into my Apsie brain:
    1.) I'm too broke to travel.
    2.)I don't like traveling.
    3.)Summer is almost over anyway...why do people like to go somewhere else when it is blazing hot?

    My actual response: I am saving up my annual leave for later this year. [Somewhat true...]


  11. Now that looks like a t-shirt I'd love to wear! Hmmm... a postcard collection wouldn't be too bad either!


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