Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Aspie blog post generator

Fill in the blanks!

For good days:

I spent all day thinking about (1)____________ (latest perseveration). I explained all about (2)___________(detail of perseveration) to (3)_____________(someone) and (he/she) didn't tell me to please talk about something else. No one asked me to (4)________________(dilisked activitiy) or expected me to (5)______________ (impossible task). I was (6)___________(stim or favorite activity) at (7)_____________(location) and saw another person who was (8) ________________(stim). I didn't have to deal with (9)______________(sensory issue) and no one acted annoyed at (10)_____________(one of my autistic behaviors). As a result I was able to (11)____________(task) without (12) ________(problem).

For bad days:

The first thing I read today was some more BS about (1)______________(myth about autism) written by (2)_____________(curebie or fraud). I was so mad I (3)__________(reaction). Then the damn (4)_____________(?) wouldn't stop ringing and I had to (5)_________(action) it. I was at (6)____________(location) and a complete stranger asked me "Why are you (7)______________ing?"(autistic behavior). Later, a person I know tried to start an argument about (8)_______________ (issue related to autism) and told me I couldn't possibly know what I'm talking about because (9)_________________(misconception). I spent the rest of the day (10)______________(free space), but tomorrow I'm going to (11)______________(something different).


  1. So far, a pretty good day, so I'll go with the first one:
    (2)my latest thoughts on the value of perseveration
    (3)my cat
    (4)answer the phone
    (5)respond to questions immediately
    (6)taking pictures of floor tiles
    (7)the library
    (8)making sketches of light switches
    (10)repeating the title of a single book over and over
    (11)get some work done
    (12)taking a nap before noon

  2. That probably shouldn't be funny, but it is too me. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Hi Bev, I'm glad you're having a good day! I've made a post along the same lines:

    Autism Causation Mad Libs

  4. abfh,
    Your post is hilarious. Wish I'd thought of that myself!

    Please feel free to laugh at this. It was funny to me also, and I am never sure if anyone in the known universe shares my sense of humor.

    Of course there is always a serious side to my joking, too...

  5. ha! too much fun-----crossword puzzle in the works?

  6. A crossword sounds like a lot of work. Would you settle for a word search?

  7. This is great stuff. I just laughed and laughed. Which is good because I have had a facial tick from work stress and it goes away for a bit when I am in a lighter mood.



  8. Bev, I was just inspired by a shoddy post on Yahoo! news about how fat kids are more prone to being tormented by their peers, teachers, etc., "giving them a quality of life comparable to people with cancer." This wording is evidently derived, poorly, by the reporter, who based it loosely on a comment made by one of the researchers; but it seems to suggest that "quality of life" is something measurable by scientific study. You've gotta do this, baby -- the Quality-of-Life-O-Meter!! Can you just see it? "Kids with cancer" over here, "retards" down here, people with Silly Walks over there, "even kids with chicken pox!" here . . . or something. Just imagine! It's up to you to make it happen! (That is, of course, if it hasn't been done.) Gimme gimme gimme! (I mean, uh, I humbly request. :P)

  9. Seems like that's something Mouth magazine might have done before . . . hmm . . . anyway, I haven't actually *seen* it, so Gimme!!

  10. Dear Evonne,
    I will do my best to meet your demand (request?) but it may take a few days before you see it. I fear you will find the result rather disappointing, though. I don't seem to do very well with translating the inspirations of others. I do like the idea, however, so I'll give it a try.

  11. Wow, thanks! You rock! You are, of course, by no means under any real obligation. I should know better than to assign *myself* projects, let alone other folks. :P


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