Thursday, June 21, 2007

Time out for play

These are cool! I met a music therapist who had one of these ocean drums and also a rain stick. I had seen rain sticks before, but this drum (with authentic Remo drum head) was new to me. I found it incredibly soothing. It sounds like an ocean wave when you turn it over slowly. And with none of the sensory drawbacks of an actual ocean, this is approved for Aspies and neurotypicals. Available here in three sizes.


  1. A Drum. Aha! (drumming has always been my # 1 stim I suddenly realise)I remember some big oil drums that sat under a fir tree a mile from home and whenever I were I was drumming as much as I mustered. Never have been holding steady rhytms though, well in dancing then...

    42 tms

  2. (Just going through some of your old posts.)

    My daughter (four) is an on/off participant in music therapy, depending on the cancellations of others. They have an ocean drum and she loves it.

  3. Hello, Miguel Palacio! I hope I have caught up with you. I wanted to let you know that after a long time, this blog is active again. You may be interested in some of the recent posts. I do appreciate the way you are systematically working your way through my history! Of course, there are going to be things that I've written that are contrary to what I now know or believe. I worry about that sometimes, what I might have left out there that I maybe should have deleted as no longer reflecting my views. I learned a lot doing this blog, and am happy to be writing again, for however long. Thank you for reading!

    1. Oh my gosh! Bev!! hahaha You could probably tell where I was in reading your blog and, like a time machine, posted your salutation here just a couple of days ahead of my timeline! So, you know I would ultimately find your post. :-D

      haha you could see how my mind was working and you intercepted it!

      Bev, I'm actually glad you didn't delete your posts. I too have changed in my views over time. Life is the ultimate university.

      One thing about me is the longer I experience life and learn about myself, the less unyielding and more accepting I am of other people.

      I'm very glad to be going through your blog methodically. Even your old posts are new to me and, eventually, I'll catch up. And I'll appreciate the evolution. The old posts give some background. To me, each entry is very valuable. I don't have to agree with you to find that it is valuable.

      As they say, after all, we're individuals. =P

      And, as you mentioned, the individuals that we are today are an evolved version if what we were yesterday.

      Can't wait to catch up with your more current posts!!

      Thank you for saying hi. Hi Bev! :-D

    2. One of my bosses was also an Aspie. Drumming was one of his pastimes. My best friend (who is also an Aspie) has a son who is also one and he drums on the tablas and does so very very well! :-D

  4. Plus, if you tap it lightly you can watch the sand form interesting patterns and waves.


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