Saturday, June 16, 2007

Take time to listen


  1. Geez...I like all of your posters. If only people could see these in local stores and coffee shops....

  2. Maybe you could make some of your designs into stickers. I would definitely buy some.

    Karen in CA

  3. Thanks Estee,
    I am working on this now, as part of an informational event I want to organize locally. So far, no responses to my letters, so I may have to try going in person, though for me, I usually find that less effective!

    Sometimes I think about plastering these flyers all around downtown and other places where music and art events tend to be advertised--in the middle of the night. What would people think if one day they woke up and... Autism...Acceptance...everywhere you look!

  4. I think you have a gift for marketing, advertising, or T shirt design. These are all excellent careers for people with the right skills. It is competitive.....but so is every other well paid career!

    I am employed in industry, my AS is not a problem....actually it makes me better. Cooler heads prevail and all.....


  5. yeah please get a cafepress shop!! i 'manage' the one for ("autieliberation" is the shop name) and there are some other really cool pro-autie shops there, but we need even more, i think. cleverness is good.


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