Monday, June 4, 2007


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  1. Now that I have an echolalic child, I catch myself doing a lot of that too... I use my son's favorite sentences from videos in different contexts, by free association. It feels good!

    I was actually able to teach my son new concepts by using some of his echolalic phrases. For instance, "First cake, then present" from TJ Bearytales to teach him a sequence of events, or that he had to have dinner before dessert.

  2. Sounds like he taught you well!

  3. It's only in the past few years that Charlie developed echolalia----a good thing as before he could not imitate clearly.

  4. This made me laugh out loud... loudly... and longly?


  5. Thanks, Ms. Clark,
    I do consider my role as court jester of this Hub an important one :)

    Happy to hear a parent recognizing the postive power of echolalia. Some days, for me, it's still this or nothing. For some of the NTs around me, neither is good enough.
    That's their problem, though.

  6. Hehe. When I was little (don't recall how old) I remember someone temporarily nicknaming me "broken record". I thought that was hilarious and went running around the house saying, "Broken record! Broken record!" So this post definitely resonantes. :)

  7. Broken record is fun to say! Now I'm stuck on it. Multiple "K" sounds are especially nice.

  8. There's a syrupy R&B/pop song which has been playing in the back of my mind for a really long time. Specifically, the line "I was half, not whole" kept bursting through -- I'd find myself singing it out of nowhere. This is not my favorite musical genre by any means, but apparently there was something compelling about this song as far as my neurons were concerned.

    After reading your posts on echolalia, I finally Googled the scrap of lyrics I remembered. The song is "With You I'm Born Again," written by David Shire and Carol Connors. Various artists have recorded it.

  9. Is there a role in echolalia reflected in religious rituals, such as the recitation of mantras or saying the rosary? -just a thought. I do wonder.


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