Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dangerous Toys

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  1. We stay away----the fluorescent lights and the shelves upon shelves of stuff make for an unpleasant experience for Charlie.

  2. vab,

    Here is a link showing Toys R Us as the official sponsor for Walk Now, which benefits Autism Speaks.

    Autism Speaks wants to see a "world without autism". I do not.

  3. I posted a blog entry a while back when Toys R Us issued a "special needs-friendly" catalogue of their toys. I don't like them anyways and had already decided to boycott them because of their gender segregation (and stereotyping). The catalogue was the icing on the cake. Regular toys and electronics had medicalized descriptions tagged on them. It's not enough to feel the social pressure to buy "the latest toy" for your kids, now you need to call the playroom your "therapy gym".

  4. Time to bring this one back out...can I use it since I am getting slammed with emails about Toys R Us and their recent fundraiser?

  5. I, myself, would hate it if my autism were wiped away from me, because there are some awesome features that help me in my daily life and profession where it is important that I spot certain patterns as they apply to areas such as research, space technology architectures, markets, processes and procedures, etc. I just wouldn't be me without these things. And life, in my opinion, would be rather bland.

    But I am grateful to have overcome much of my social anxiety and emotional blindness, my propensity to startle too much from hyper-anxiety, jump to conclusions, be uncontrollably one-track-minded, uncontrollably perseverational and awkward.

    It seems now I can turn much of my pesky aspects on and off at will. The operating phrase here is -at will-!

    Imagine being able to turn on and off different aspects of your persona when you need it most and when you can do away with it. That is my discovery. It's like having the best of both worlds and helps me navigate between an NT and an autistic world, at will!

    It's not that I now have two personalities, but rather a more complex one which is more yielding, flexible and adaptable. It's hard to explain. Because it is as tho I can switch individual aspects of my autism on and off at will. My resting state is still that of autism, to which I default. Yet I can venture into the world of NT for more extended periods of time, while conserving some of the autism attributes if these are needed for a specific task or situation.

    A good example is when I can switch into a certain mode that marries attributes from both sides of the house: As in, when I play the role of sultaneous language interpreter. I combine echolalia, echopraxia and pattern-matching and translation all at once and can say in the target language what someone is saying in the source language, sometimes with only two to three seconds lag time while conveying their emotions along the way.

    Again, this goes against conventional psychiatric wisdom, but I have found much of this new-found ability after taking a supplement called Noopept.

    No, I am not a curebie, and I do not wish to eradicate autism off the face of the earth, especially because I truly cherish the areas where it has afforded me way above normal abilities, in comparison to my NT counterparts. It's just some of the other baggage of which I can do without, such as: hyper-frustration, anxiety, getting lost, inability to follow quickly rattled off instructions, unable to understand that which is implicit, not knowing when to jump into a conversation, and so many other things.

    These, and many other things, I have been able to ameliorate through the use of Noopept as a nutritional supplement. -while _not_ losing those aspects of autism that to me are previous!

    Oh, I can actually catch things now if you threw something at me. Before, I was a basket case in that department too.

    Yes, I am enthusiastic about this breakthrough. One that was not imposed on me by the ilk of Autism Speaks and their kind.


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