Thursday, May 10, 2007

Inferior goods?

In the field of economics, inferior goods are defined as "products that are less in demand as consumers get richer"; contrasted with normal goods, for which demand increases as consumers have more to spend.

The classic textbook example: Ramen Noodles, a staple of college dorm rooms everywhere, not much sought after following graduation and the acquisition of respectable jobs.

The Official Ramen Home Page has recipes, fun facts, news about noodles (they've been to outer space, they were banned in China) and links to other Ramen sites. Another interesting Ramen site can be found at the Tokyo Food Page. This one describes a Ramen museum and theme park in Japan. The museum even has Ramen themed video games. "What's Next, Ramen Noodles?" is a Wired satire asking the question, "What if noodles had their own industry association?" Wikipedia notes that "RAmen" is an affirmation used in the faux Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Fun reading.

Far less fun is the daily task of reminding people that human beings should never be classed as inferior goods. I had more than my fill the last few days. It seems everyone has an opinion and is behaving more and more like someone who deserves the name of that other associated attribute everyone has. For the moment, the less said about this the better. For now it is sufficient to say that there are some neurotypicals who will be protected from my blatant use of free speech. They are sensitive persons and must not be offended by the presentation of materials that might be upsetting. the way, is that a puzzle piece on your t-shirt, or are you just unhappy to see me?

Tomorrow, I may have more to say. Until then, the duct tape has been strategically placed, as in the logo above. Duct tape, I believe, could also be classified as an inferior good, due to its varied and frequently ill considered uses.


  1. I know what you mean... sometimes people just aren't ready to confront their prejudices.

    Here's hoping they will start behaving less like "associated attributes" soon.

  2. Hi there -- just a note. Ramen noodles are not banned in China, the blog titled "The Official Ramen Homepage" is.

  3. "-is that a puzzle piece on your t-shirt, or are you just unhappy to see me?" 😂 Hahahaha

    That just cracked me up.

    What exactly is the meaning behind the puzzle piece. Are we all supposed to be puzzles with pieces missing?


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