Monday, May 21, 2007

Hello Again: the cocktail party version


  1. LOL.. don't give the social skills counselors any ideas!

  2. Omigosh, I nearly fell off my chair laughing! Your various packages are great.

  3. Had to put in a late comment on this one, since I learnt to do chit chat in my thirties in a foreign language in Brasil. At the time, I though it was just a game everyone played.

    All these graphics are just great - a true daughter of the Diva - in spirit:)

  4. alyric:

    Yeah, I think you were right. It is a game, isn't it???

    And thanks! Asperger Square 8 will do her best not to let this huge compliment go to her tiara-less head.

  5. I love it! Says it all, about what a load of bollocks all this social pretending bullshit that people have tried to coerce us, Pavlov's dogs style, to take part in, is.

  6. I like that.

    Learning chit chat can also result in said autistic person saying 'so how about them Tigers?' at inappropriate times....I'm talking about me here. It's just a great phrase.


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