Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Registry for Haters

IAN (Interactive Autism Project) is doing their best to collect all of our data for use in research to eliminate our kind. (Please note that they are sponsored by Autism Speaks and do not, if you value your life, give information to this group!) At least this registry (for now) is optional. Unlike the one in Delaware, as reported yesterday by abfh on Whose Planet is it Anyway? Doctors in the state of Delaware (including podiatrists and dentists!) are being required to report all cases of autism diagnosed or suspected in persons under 18 for the expressed purpose of "develop[ing] preventive strategies to decrease occurrences of autism". The law applies also to other caregivers such as physical and occupational therapists.

Often, I will meet a person, who having heard that I am an autistic advocate of some sort, confuses this with the more popular eugenics movement and expects that I will join them in gushing over the Oprah show or the "victory" implicit in the Combating Autism Act. I try to set them straight as calmly and politely as possible (never even mentioning the word eugenics--I am just that considerate) in case they have not been already 100% committed to that agenda.

It is due to such confusion among persons who are not heavily invested on either side of this issue, that I would like to launch a registry for persons who support the death of autism, and thus, of autistics. This is for the many who support Autism Speaks and similar groups, through financial contribution, fundraising efforts, public "service" activities, and undue media attention. Their work, their movies, sporting events, television shows, and most importantly products endorsed by them should be boycotted by all who understand the biological necessity of diversity as well as anyone with a conscience.

A "hater" will be defined as anyone who:
1) Uses inflamatory language in reference to the prevealence of autism, including, but not limited to words such as plague, scourge, bomb, catastrophe, tsunami, epidemic or crisis;
2) Abuses or supports, explicitly or implicitly, the abuse (including but not limited to bullying, restraint, electric shock, forced "therapies", defamation of character, civil rights violations of any kind) of any autistic or other human being;
3) States or implies that autistics are less valuable than others;
4) States or implies that no more autistics should be born.

A hater may be diagnosed by anyone able to identify the above behaviors.

This information is not intended for purposes of harassment, but to call attention to the stated beliefs of well known public figures and the entities they support, so that citizens who believe in the rights and dignity of all persons may make informed decisions in exercising their purchasing power.

At this time, the registry is in development and will be made available by request. It will be published here in the near future, pending legal advice. Email me to have your favorite celebrity, political figure or media maven included.


  1. Good job... this is definitely needed!

    You might also want to add "including but not limited to" in #1, as similar defamatory words are sometimes used, and it's not practicable to list every one of them.

  2. Good point, abfh. I have edited to include this.

  3. I appreciate your point. But do you realize that by casting this net you will find that the majority of people who support many of these misguided principles do so out of ignorance and not hate?

    Please forgive them for they not know.

    What is needed is better education and a functionally constructive counter point campaign that convinces people though reason instead of fear.

    Most of the people following these latest fear trends don't even know what eugenics is. Most of them don't understand the concept or benefits of neurodiversity and inclusion, of incorporation and integration without assimilation. Yes, there is a long ways to go. 1st, lets stamp out this ignorance epidemic!

    Though your point is taken.

  4. A bit alarmist, with epidemiological overtones bordering on tidal waves of propagation, etc:


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