Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Writing in the British Medical Journal, March 31, 2007, Brian Deer reports on Kathleen Seidel's role in the retraction of Mark and David Geier's Lupron protocol paper from Autoimmunity Reviews. Seidel's website, is featured prominently in Deer's article, "What Makes an Expert?" and her work is noted as being instrumental in refuting the false claims perpetrated by the Geiers, who have claimed a link between vaccines and autism, based on a dubious "sheeting" theory of mercury and testosterone. Simon Baron-Cohen, whose own research was hi-jacked by the Geiers for their nefarious purposes, is quoted in the article as being "very impressed with the scholarship in".

With mercury maniacs hogging the popular culture spotlight, it's good to see the Autistic Civil Rights movement beginning to get a mention in scholarly journals. Thanks, Kathleen!

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  1. It is 8 years later and it still amazing how many people still believe in this s--t! Once a ball gets rolling, sometimes it's mighty hard to stop it.


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