Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just a thought...

I figure I could sell maybe 10?
I really need to get back to work
before I bomb my finals...

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  1. Yeah, you need to get back to work and don't bomb your finals!

    It's a great T Shirt - really:)

  2. I want this shirt!!!
    Are you selling these?


  3. when i took that test (online) i failed mainly becos i am bad at names and couldn't remember who was who. hmmmmm... forget theory of mind, what about remembering to make a space in my mind, for stuff like names?! oh yeah, and it's hard to tell whether the ppl in the story are lying to each other and that makes it complicated also.

  4. I did not want those frakkin' marbles anyway!

    You have great designs-you may have found a calling!



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