Saturday, April 14, 2007

In memory of my t-shirt

The need to collect things, especially those which are not "useful" has contributed to my reputation as a pack-rat, one I can't deny given the current and usual state of my home.

It doesn't matter whether you think of me as a slob or as a person with "executive dysfunction", the chaos is the same. Nor does it matter if you call the urge to shred paper a stim or a quirk.

I think of my collages as alternative language. They are about the unseen connections between seemingly disparate events, synchronicity. the nature of coincidence. Most, like this one, are inspired by past and present perseverations.

I realize use that word a lot, perseveration; I know that some autistics object to it. It's a fine word, I think. To persevere is a fine quality. If NTs don't want to apply it to their own interests, they may be the ones missing out.


  1. Shredding paper is a good thing, especially when the paper has been packratted (is that a word?) for several years.

    I'd describe packratting and shredding as complementary quirks.

    Just went through my overflowing file box a few days ago and shredded some ancient insurance statements, etc.

  2. Our home is in a "state" too. It's a more interesting home than most. Interesting things happen here. Interesting people live here.

  3. I'm either a slob or a neat-freak. I alternate between one and the other. Most of the jobs I've gotten have been out of perseveration. Most others considered them to be a lost cause, but I kept trying and trying and trying when others would have considered it silly and given up.


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