Monday, April 23, 2007

Cracked sidewalk

I've recently heard from the mom of another AS person who loves a certain number.

I thought she might enjoy this particular crack in the sidewalk as much as I did.

I get some weird looks from people sometimes when I'm walking around photographing sidewalks and floor tiles.

It's totally worth it.


  1. LOVE it! You're so kind to post this. My girl's comment: "Yes, that's cool, mom, but it is not a *perfect* 8, is it?"

    I'm sure you understand. : )

    - Missy

  2. Cracked sidewalk; even looks like a foot print. A right foot, I think.


    Your Scandinavian Brother

  3. Good to see you here, Tomas! How are our good friends Mogfelat and Ligferrat?

  4. Hah! So I'm not the only one who takes photographs of pavement.

    (or chimneys or bridge abuttments or...)

  5. I'm so stresssssed by the photo. It hurts. I want to fix it. I need the number's repeats and doesn't hurt. But I like the ceilings and the bricks. I really like the bricks. and the not brick. bricks. I like your other 8's that are altogether. Sorry I can not like your sidewalk 8. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous who posted at 11:22,
    I am sorry. The best I can offer you is a choice between the numbers 24 and 88. Please let me know if one of these choices is acceptable and I will post it for you.


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