Sunday, April 1, 2007

Civil Wrongs at

Googling around for civil rights information (not AS specific, but general), I was greeted with an ad box at First on the list was Autism Civil Rights, followed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Black History, MLK, etc. Curious, I clicked on autism civil rights and found this:

Ads by Google about Autism Civil Rights related to your search for civil rights

including these (links disabled here):

Treat Autistic Adults: Become a certified analyst
Early Intervention Services delivered in your home
ABA Therapy: The best therapy for autism
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Autism Treatments: All the Autism Treatment Services!

About these ads:These ads about Autism Civil Rights are related to your search for civil rights.The links in these ads are administered and maintained by Google.

Is it any wonder so many people are confused? What would happen if this kind of information appeared under "Black Civil Rights" or associated with any other disenfranchised group? Since when do "civil rights" consist of attempts to ELIMINATE diversity?

Let Google and know what you think about this misleading and outrageous display. This is not an April Fools Day joke.

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  1. hahahaha

    I don't know why I'm laughing because this is so pittiful! I think it just proves how confused society is about Autism.

    Just think back, not too long ago how many knee-jerk jerky remarks existed in the media which amounted to gay-bashing. The pervasiveness of it. Even just going back as near as the '70s and '80s. The media is still not fully out of the woodwork on that, but it's come a long way.

    When it comes to autism there is yet a long way to go. Part of this is what is preventing autism from becoming outism. What I mean by this is, until attitudes change, I feel I must be extremely selective with whom it is I choose to disclose the fact that I'm autistic.


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