Saturday, April 28, 2007

Adbusters-style promotion

Edit: New Version

From Adbusters website:

We are a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we will live in the 21st century.

To this end, Adbusters Media Foundation publishes Adbusters magazine, operates this website and offers its creative services through PowerShift, our advocacy advertising agency.

This seems like a viable way to get a message in front of a few more people. Adbusters likes to do spreads with several ads around one theme. Something like this would seem to be a good fit for the magazine, which has pretty decent circulation.

Anyone want to work on this with me? Make your own ad to go with mine, offer suggestions (or help) for graphics, text, layout, etc. Constructive criticism is welcome; derogatory statements toward autistics or neurodiverstiy activists, however, will be deleted.

If you haven't read Adbusters, check out what they do here or buy a print copy.

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  1. I can't believe noone commented on this, it's so brilliant!!
    I love the concept of subvertising, and my art also leans heavily towards satire. Haven't done much autism related stuff though.

    Shame I discoverd this so late.

  2. And since this is parody and satire you can get away with using the patented puzzle-piece trademark. ;-D

    I have an app called Stitcher and its very difficult to find any podcast that is from the perspective of the actual autie. It always seems to be some centralized institutionalized or parent commiserating about how difficult it is to deal with children who are autistics. So difficult to the point of martyrdom! Lots of stuff on ABT. There is probably some merit to ABT, when young, but the approaches that are emphasized are really not suitable for adults on the spectrum.

    I would love to see and welcome a podcast of people on the spectrum sharing notes with and helping people on the spectrum.

    Before the Internet there was much more ignorance. But the Internet also seems to be a catalyst for the wildfire spreading of ignorance. Such ignorance is like a tidal wave and is spreading like an epidemic infiltrating the minds of many.

    Many attention-seeking martyrs extolling the virtues of their deeds "championing" causes such as chelation and shock therapy. -to make the world just a little bit more bearable for themselves, so that they won't have to be such martyrs.

    I'm not insensitive to the sacrifices that many caretakers go through to help people on the spectrum. But I do object to those who vociferously self-pity themselves in the process because of this "curse" called autism.

    I would so much like to hear a more objective voice out there in Podcastland. It would be like a breath of fresh air!


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