Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Judge Rotenberg Center uses electric shock treatment on Asperger "students"

video by Christschool

"Students with Asperger syndrome are prone to violent and disruptive behaviors", according to Dr. Robert Worsham of the Judge Rotenberg Center, a residential "school" in Canton, MA. Some examples given in the video: rude comments, ignoring instructors, even (gasp) hand flapping.

Crime:Rude comments and hand flapping.
Punishment:Electric Shock.
Location:United States of America.
Asperger Square 8 response: unprintable

It is time for some people to reconsider what is considered unacceptable behavior.

Read more about the Judge Rotenberg Center here

Please spread the word. The public needs to know about the ways JRC is helping us to become more socially able. Public shaming tactics as advocated by self-proclaimed radical Saul Alinsky might be of use and are more than justified here.


  1. Ms. Gonnerman’s article “School of Shock,” which appears in the September/October issue of the Mother Jones magazine, is an entirely one-sided and biased account of the court- and parent-approved behavior modification therapy used at the Judge Rotenberg Center to successfully treat, without drugs, severe (sometimes life-threatening) behavior problems of children and young adults with special needs that have not responded to any other form of treatment. For readers who would like to hear the other side of this story, please see

  2. Oh, my God. This guy actually thinks his response is persuasive. I read MJ with several tablespoons of salt, but they don't generally make things up out of whole cloth, and Israel's response sounds mentally ill. I read it hoping to be persuaded, and came away saying "Holy crap, something's wrong with this guy." Either he genuinely doesn't see the problems with what he's doing or he's convinced that whitewashing is A-OK.

    Some of the statements are frankly bizarre. "Only a minority (43%)" of the students receive the shocks? He's got electrodes taped to 43% of the kids there? What a strange way to soothe the reader.

    The attempt at smearing the reporter doesn't go over well, either.

    This is a very creepy man who's found and commented on your blog, Bev.

  3. Remember they also have instructions that used to be on the web (until shortly after I wrote about them), that attempt to persuade parents to ignore their children's possible complaints about the school, and teach parents how to persuade their children not to complain but rather to praise the school through behavior mod techniques.

    1. So very many human beings are so narrow minded and blind it's not funny. Those same people have sex which results in children, big deal; that's what makes them parents. Politicians and lawyers are unscrupulous. Big pharma makes billions of dollars in profits using surplus babies from NYC as lab rats. So many kids come back in body bags and wheel chairs for life from fighting unnecessary war to maintain the economy. One quack makes $400,000 a year. 900 jobs, MHAs making $35,000 grand. Somebody's got to be the victims. The USA is an hypocrisy. You can't say a curse word because it's wrong? Pay more money and listen to them on cable TV. Some of the morbidly obese employees at JRC are punching themselves in the gallbladder so much their gallbladder must be removed. Others are flapping cigarette lighters and stabbing their lungs with cigarettes until their hearts give out. God is a three letter word.

  4. Wow! I hope they have changed their ways by now. Unfortunately, the video no longer exists. Perhaps the link needs to be updated?


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