Saturday, March 3, 2007

It's not like you think...

I'm always drawing while you talk, squares, rectangles, brick walls, floor tiles, formica patterns, stone walls, rock gardens, mostly rectangular stuff. I call it all "squares" though most of it doesn't fit the definition.
You think maybe I'm not listening.

That's not it. I hear every word and will actually remember more this way than if I try to listen without drawing. Squares keep me focused and help sort out distractions. This is part of a drawing I did during a statistics lecture.The subject is sample size and randomizing.

Drawing squares keeps me here with you, physically and mentally. These walls are not partitions between us, but around the conversation. They help me include you in my world.


  1. Your art is absolutely beautiful. I'm also doodling as a means to be more focused on what people are saying. Sometimes the result isn't much to keep but sometimes it's so good that you can - hear the art - talking to you.

    Your Scandinavian Brother

  2. I found that my kids absorbed more of the spoken when I let them alone to doodle. They could answer a lot of questions afterward. Like at Christian meetings, I would give them a notepad and pencil, and they doodled away while listening.

  3. I love your art. :)

    Thank you for this post. I need to doodle while listening (although my spiky shapes aren't pretty like your squares.
    I'm not just saying that out of modesty. I don't look at what I'm dawing and it's not based on anything.) I also play with blue-tack
    I am not autistic, but I have dyspraxia. I need these things to concentrate, but people think I am being rude. But it;s also "rude" to phase out. I can't win.
    Except with a few special people. Quite a lot of them, actuslly. I a blessed to have encountred tolerance. I hope the last sentence didn't sound too pretentious.


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